Redmoon offers professional development for college students, recent graduates and ambitious career professionals.

Redmoon offers professional development for college students, recent graduates, and ambitious career professionals through Redmoon’s Internship Program, now in its 8th year. Offering hands-on experience in the areas of performance, art and design, production, and administration to 100 interns each year, participants receive training, mentorship, and collaboration with the engineers, designers, administrators and educators that are integral to any Redmoon event.


Redmoon also offers many volunteer opportunities around special events. Please fill out our volunteer form here. Email for more information.


“Redmoon was an immersive experience that opened my eyes to the kind of artistic collaborations I wanted. Since interning, I’ve worked with them professionally for 3 years!” Tyler Burke, Build Shop Internship, professional Artist and Designer

“Redmoon’s mission enthralled me when I first looked at Arts Organizations in Chicago- and my time there changed the way I thought about working in the arts. My knowledge was fufilled 10 fold and I was given the guidance as well as freedom to grow as a professional.” Spring Karlo, Arts Administrative Internship, Finance Director of PaperChairs

“There is not a company in Chicago, or perhaps the nation that gives an actor this kind of inventive, exciting, challenging work- I am a better actor because of it, and I can’t thank them enough!” Sarah Ely, Performance Internship, Actor