Corporate, Foundation, and Government Support

Our Corporate, Foundation and Government funders provide much needed support in all areas of the organization's operations, from project specific support like sponsoring our Urban Intervention series in Chicago parks, to supporting our educational and community outreach through the Neighborhood Arts Program. The following listing includes funds donated during the period of January 1st, 2012 to July 1st 2013. We thank all of our donors.

$100,000 and above

ArtPlace America

City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events


Margot and Thomas J. Pritzker Family Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts


Allstate Insurance

Alphawood Foundation


The MacArthur Fund for Arts and Culture at Prince

Mullen Family Foundation

Polk Bros. Foundation

The Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation



The 1111 Foundation

Amgis Foundation


The Efroymson Family Fund, a CICF Fund

McKenna Foundation

Paasche Airbrush Company

Peoples Gas

The Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation

Thanksgiving Fund



The Boeing Company

Chicago Drama League

Chicago Tribune Foundation


The Ebert Family Foundation

John R. Halligan Charitable Fund

The Illinois Humanities Council


The Marshall Frankel Foundation

McDonnell, Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP



CityArts grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

Gerard Design

Leo Burnett USA

Mardi Gras Fund


Ariel Capital Management, LLC

The Bill Bass Foundation

The Irving Harris Foundation

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation

Sahara Enterprises, Inc.


Elizabeth and Jeff Louis Foundation

McDermott, Will, and Emery

Schield Family Foundation


Linda M. Mandel, Ltd.

Praha, LLC

Dr. Scott Stiffle, Always There Dental Co.

Steppenwolf Theatre Company

$99 and below

Benchdog Development

Individual Support

Individual support makes up over 50% of Redmoon’s annual budget and makes it possible for us to continue to work with communities and in public spaces throughout Chicago, in addition to our programming at Redmoon. The following listing includes funds donated between the period of January 1st, 2012 to July 1st 2013. We thank all of our donors.

$20,000 and above


Ralph Senst + Karen Zelden


Sarah Beardsley

Amy Kenny and Andrew Bluhm

Jason Brett

Philip Cable and Jenny Siegenthaler

Sarita Dandamudi

Robert and Kimberly Eck

Brad and Kimberly Keywell

Florence and Paul Lee

Leslie and Jimmy Liautaud

Robert and Linda Levin

Thaddeus Manczko and Geanine Pirc

Alicia and Peter Pond

Kurt Rohde and Keri Brennan

Mary and Rick Shaughnessy

Nina and Steve Schroeder

Rick Stoneham



The Barnes Complex

Jill Belconis

Michael Bleier

John and Jackie Bucksbaum

William and Eileen Bush

Marc and Veronique Bushala

Greg and Marcy Carlin

Bruce and Joyce E. Chelberg

Douglas Conant

Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly

Carolyn Gerard

Ellen Glassmeyer

Scott and Kim Holstein

Anne and Burton Kaplan, in honor of Amy Bluhm

Howard Kotler and Heather Becker

Susan and Lew Manilow

Janet Melk

Brad and Kim Moore

KC Nagle

Sheila and Arthur Nielsen

Maureen O'Brien

Kimberly Ohms and Joseph Novelli

Jay and Janet Page

Karyn Pettigrew

Daniel Ratner and Genevieve Thiers

Kurt Rohde and Keri Brennan

Warren Rylands

David and Theresann Seeger

Charles and Anne von Weise

William and Carla Young


Joseph Axelrod

Kellie Butler

Shawn Clark

Valerie Conn and Sam Perry

Patricia Cox

Johanna Dillon

Graham and Christy Gerst

Michael B. Gray

Steve Hannah

Penfield Lanphier

Peter Lasko

Robert S. Levin

John and Annette Martini

Carmen Maugeri and Virginia Ryan

Colleen and Larry McGrail

Rosemarie and Tom Mitchell

Matthew and Tina Nagle

David and Suzu Neithercut

Janet and Rodger Owen

Marc Pasquale

Julian Posada

Kim Redding

Iain Shovlin

Matthew Steinmetz

Jon and Mollie Stromberg

Dillon Thirion

Linda Weigl

Andrea and Reading Wilson

Robert Wolcott and Ada Yung


Michael Alter and Ellen Sachs

Rocky Barber

Brian and Heiji Black

Jim and Marge Blair

Margo Blair

Karen Bloom

Douglas Brown

William Cannon

Don Carlson and Sally Smith-Carlson

Richard Carr

Giuseppe D'Alessandro

William Demray

Jennifer and Bob Diamond

Rita Dragonette

Lawrence and Brenda Feis

Peter Frankel

Jeffrey Frederick

Brian Furlong

Chris Girgenti

Benjamin Gruber and Petra Blix

Gina Hartwig

Mr. Chris Hehmeyer

Mike Hettwer

Grove and Brooke Mower, in honor of Alicia Mullen

Kathryn Kennedy

Jim Kirkhoff

Maryfran Klein

Claire and Keith Koeneman

Matt Kunkel

Bennett and Cristina Lasko

Neal Lenhoff

Paul Levy and Mia Park

Susan Lichtenstein and John Rokacz, in honor of Ralph Senst and Karen Zelden

John Mahoney

Jeff Mikes

Kim and Bill Miller

Langdon Neal and Jeanette Sublett

Wendy Pashman and Michael Patrizio

Claire and Gordon Prussian

Deborah and Stephen Quazzo

Robert Rogers

Kenny and Julie Sacks

Leif Selkregg, in honor of Ralph Senst and Karen Zelden

Debra Sharpe

Rory Shea

Bob Feigenheimer and Irene Sorenson

Alex Tompsidis

Marc and Sandy Walfish

Christine Walter and James Corgel, in honor of Ralph Senst


James Adams

Carol Barnett

Michael Boler

Greg and Debbie Bottjer

Sandra Burger

Terri and Dave Abruzzo Callahan

Kenzie Cameron and Steve Dickerson

Kathy and John Cash

Russell and Kristin Cass

Chris Chiang

Curt and Jennifer Conklin

Anne Coyle

David and Katrina Dee

Suzanne and Charles Demirjian

Richard Deogracias

L. Deutsch

Donna and Dennis Drescher

Nehama Dresner and Christopher Randolph

Carol Ehlers and Douglas Bristol

Stephen Eisen

Judith Farquhar and James Hevia

Kurt Feuer

Virginia Fitzgerald, in honor of Alicia Mullen

Meredith Flagstad

John Ford

Kurt Gilman

Peter Ginn

Neil Golden, in honor of Ralph Senst

Jill Gordon

Brian and Carla Hahn

Britton Hayes

Bruce and Vicki Heyman, in honor of Ralph Senst and Alicia Mullen

James and Mary Hill

Timothy and Jan Holmes

Sarah and Chris Julsrud

Tony Karman

Lizabeth Kohler

Melinda Kramer, in honor of Matt Moog

Richard and Paige LaCava

Brian Langham

JC and Carla Lapiere

The Larkin Family

Gary Leff

Chase Levey

Mark Levitin

Zbigniew Malecki

Paul Marcus and Katherine Juda

Anthony and Jill Markowski

Jeffrey Marks

Delbert and Zieta Matthews

Doug Mele

Melanie Mityas

Juan Moreno

Jennifer Newport

John O'Loughlin

Paul Owens

JF Page

Daniel Ratna

Harry Rosenberg

Jason Rosenthal

Tom Rossiter

Molly Schemper

Don and Liz Shirley

Betty and Peter Skalski

Jay Starr

Douglas and Meghan Strubel

Dan Sullivan

Christy Uchida

Anne Updegrove and Grayson Holmbeck

Marilyn and David Vitale

Caroline Walkinshaw

Cheryl Watson

Nora Weir

Don and Edna Weiss

Peter Wilderotter

Kathryn and Jim Willett

Missy Wright and Matt Scroggins

Alice Zich

Susan and Robert Zumph


Diana Baehrend

Jamie Bailey

Elsa and Walter Bandi

Lorraine and Randall Barba

Lisa Becker

Esther and John Benjamin

Rick Boynton

Gabrielle Buckley

Caroline Casey and George Farris

Warren and Bonita Chapman

David Cihla

Jack Cohen

J. Gorman Cook

Sandya Dandamudi

Kristin Dean

Susan Dellosso

Laura DeWitt

Catherine Edelman

Natasha Egan

Lois Eisen

Shayne Evans

Patti & Joe Farago

Elizabeth Ferruelo

Patrick Field

Julie and David Freireich

Bob Gillespie

Wendee Goles

Bree Gomez

Katherine Graham

Mark Herman

S. Hickson

Lysa Hoskins

Richard Hren

Pam Huver

James and Bev Ingle

Nicole and Mike Jakob

Terri-Lynne Jones

Greg and Fe Kabance

Robert and Anne Kaplan

Elizabeth and Alvin Katz

Grant Kaufman

Lori and Steve Kaufman

Ellen and James Kelleher

Atul and Charisse Khosla

Joel Klaff and John Diekmann

Charles Kralovec

Norman G. Levin

Denise Lopez

Cheri Lyn Heramb

Marian Macsai

Casey Marian and John Rompon

Kathleen Markham

Matthew McCall

Janis and Tom McCormick

Robert McLeod

Claudette Miller

Elke Miller

John Mocuta

David and Suzanne Muchin

Katy Nielsen

Carleton and Linda Nolan

Michael O'Meara

Susan and David Ormesher

Scott and Carrie Palmer

Dean Papadakis

Mary Pareman

Todd Parrish

Susan Payne

Jennifer Pettersen

Betty and Tom Philipsborn

Christopher Plevin

Adam and Isa Pressman

John Quattrocchi

Merrilee and Richard Redmond

Sara and David Reusswig

Shawn Riegsecker

Carolyn and David Rosenberg

Emma Ruby-Sachs

Petra de Ryck

Steven Ryder

Mark Schacht

Hiren Shah

Rishi Shah

Tim Shields

Andera Sill

Dauna Smith

Julia Sone

Sandy and Chuck

Benton Stansel

Sara and James Star

Susie Steinberg

Keith and Robin Struve

Jenny Tank

Marcus Thymian and Michelle Farr

Valerie Vlahos

Dominic Volini

Janet Walters

Jonathan Weintraub

Stefan Weitz

Cynthia Williams

Richard Witt

Andrea Wood

Cynthia Xerogianis


Anonymous (2)

Steve Acoba

Lorin Adolph

Robert Allan

Fred and Sharon Altman

Mary Jo and Chris Robling

Robert Anderson

Julia Anglen

Mary Ann Merikoski

Andy Annacone

Murat Askin

Katharine Astrauskas

Tina and Mark Bain

Becky Ballschmiede

Felicia Basanavicius

Alicia Bassuk

Carol Beitler

Sandra Berger

Sierra Berquist

Brandon Biederman

Mary and Jim Bowman

Laura and Robert Boyd

Drew Bradford

Matthew Braun

Brian and Claudia Brennan

Patrick and Lisa Brennan

Patricia Bridges

Ted and Libby Brombach

Luba Burman

Lacourdaire Camargo

Matt Campbell

John Cannon and Rebecca Hatch Cannon

Shawn Carpenter

Doug and Liz Chalmers

Michael Clifford

Clare and Matthew Colnon

Patrick Conboy

Teresa Cross

Terri and Colin Cross

Joan Cuartero

Keon Cummings

Daniel and Carol Cyganowski

Brian Davies

Kevin Davis

Kimberle Davis-Huff

Nathan Decoster

Katie Deegan

Quinn and Robert Delaney

Bob and Jean Dennis

Michel Desjardins

Matt Dorn

Rob Dressler

Gregory Dunn

John Dydo

Meagan Eaton

Sarah Enichen

Kate Ernst

Rachel Evans

Corina Fitzpatrick

Vanessa Ford

Laura Formean

Rory Foster

D. M. Fraire

Joseph Friedman

Maurice Friedman

Marrakesh Frugia

Mark Furst

Ashley Gallegos

Suzie Galler

Omyra Garcia

Michael and Donna Lee Gennaro

Juan Gentil

Laura Giampietro

William Gibbs

Alexis Gladstone

Nick Gorbikoff

Cassie and Catherine Green

Dominic Green and Jessica Swoyer

Rita Grendze

Greg Grucel

Michael and Amanda Gutwaks

Peter Hammer

Matthew Harris

Margaret Heinzeroth

Leo Henikoff

Troy and Kristin Henikoff

Courtland Hickey

Janelle Higgs

Terry and Sandra Hillis

Douglas Hoerr and Tracy Taylor

Brian Hofmeister

Claire Holdren

James Hoover

Matthew Horwedel

Julie Hosenthal

Jeff Huelskamp

Kelly Hughes

David and Rebecca Hull

Lynn and Philip Hummer

Sonja Ilic

Eric Jacobsohn

Kirsten Jacobson

Evan Jahn

Julia Janowcz

Danielle Jazzar

Bruce Jones

Sam and Beth Karow

Ritsu Katsumata

James Kaufmann

Jim and Joanne Kendall

Kathleen Kirn and David Levinson

Amy Klein

Paul Klein

Kasia Kociuba

Konrad Kording

David Christopher Krause

Aleksey Kravtsov

Wayne and Kathy Kubick

Vladimir Kudinok

Lisa Kueng

David Kurth

Michael LaHood

Melissa Lalam

Laura Lallos

Richard Lane

Sheena LaShay

Winfred Leaf

John and Jill Levi

Matt Leyes

Jenny and Greg Liautaud

Kseniya and Michael Lindenmayer

David Lingerfelt

Jason Lobel

Anne and David Loucks

Mike Low

Susan Lucari

Jim Luning

Dave and Amanda Maciag

Jolie Macier

Malcolm MacIver

Megan Mallouk

Becky and Greg Mandolini

Luciana Manfredi

Stephen Mankowski and Mark Foreman

Christopher Marquard

Dawn Mattozzi

Jim McGough and Lilli Zakarija-McGough

Brad and Dede McLane

Bobbi and Steve Meier

Rochelle Michalek

Susan Mocuta

Eric Montenegro

Denise Mueller

Phil Mumford

Mary Murphy and Peter Taub

Kristen Noelle

Nan Nolan

Laurie and Frank Nova

Svetlana Nowak

Kristen and David Nuelle

Christine Ott-Shaw

Tiffany Paige

Ann Palma

Samuel Perry

Lynn Peters

Silviu Petrea

Christian Picciolini

Susan and Charles Pipal

Audrius and Sigita Plioplys

Elizabeth Potamites

Janene and Jim Powers

John Presney

Jason and Shannon Raynor

Christine Reddy

Judith Redlawsk

Robin Redmond

Renee and Jeff Rehkemper

Jason Rexilius

Cristina Rivas

Marcos Rivera

Jeff Robbins

Luke Rodehorst

Katy Ross

Matthias Ruh

Francis Sadac

Erik Sagerstrom

Dominick and Helen Savaiano

Chloe Schuetz

Shawn Seidell

Philip and Kathleen Shaw

Andrey Sheleg

Eduard Shlahtichman

Kenneth Simon

Karen and Andrew Slimmon

Meadow Smith

Miriam Socoloff and Michael Presser

Edward and Lori Souder

Michael Sphar

David Spielfogel and Lee Crandall

Andrew Staniec

Gretchen Steele

David Stumpff

Mary Sue Gatzert

Patricia Sullivan

Barb Tai

Laura Miracle Tamarkin

Nicholas Terrell

Kim Theiss

Cindy Trim

Carol and Peter Trobe

Julia Vaughan

Joanne Vena and Richard Graham

Marianne Vincent

Eugene Vugmayster

Jim and Nell Walenda

Anthony Walters

Deb Walters

Peggy White

Barb and Brian Williams

Scott and Peggy Williams

Helena Wilson

Tyler Witkin

MJ Witt

Mike Wyrick

Jenni Young

Aaron Zaretsky

Adam Zelitzky

$99 and below

Anonymous (3)

Ashley Abbott

Wendy Aeschlimann

Berniece Albers

Karin Alpeter

Marlowe Altman

Catherine Brooke Ambler

Alissa Anderson

Steve Anrod

Joseph Bass

Maggie Beach

Sandra Beaty

Connie Becker

Elliot Benitez

James and Janet Berent

Annie Biebel

Ryan Biggs

Ann Bjerke

Jim Block

Adam Bossov

Julie Brazaski

John P Brazzale

Tim Brown and Jill Riddell

Lindsay Brunelli

Samuel and Beth Buchsbaum

William Buckland

Henry Buehler

Andrew Burdick

Brian Burke and Michelle Beem

Jennifer Burke

Amber and Shaun Carpenter

Maria Carrasco

Kathryn Chapman

Monika Church

Annie Coakley

Kathleen Collins

Joan Colmar

Thomas Connolly

Katrina Crafton

Alex Cross

Michael Cunningham

Judith Davis

Susan Dell'Osso

Amy Diller

Helen Doria

Caroline Duff

Mary Elizabeth Duff

Elizabeth Earle

Davis Edgerly

Elizabeth Egerstrom

Paula Eisen

Shelly Elfstrom

Brianna Engle

David Evans

Sean Farrell

Barbara Flood

Rick and Kathy Fox

Ruth Fuerst and Jim Bleck

Thomas Gajewski and Marisa Alegre

Neha and John Gandhi

Amanda Geilenfeldt

Madeline Gelis

Phillip Gerber

Kurt Gillman

Jackie Gollan

Katherine and W. Bradley Gossard

Norine Gutekanst and Claire Bartlett

Paula Haney

Jenny Hasler

Jennifer Heckaman

Gayle and Kurt Hedlund

Nicole Heigh

Margaret Herring

Debra Hilander

Douglas Hobbs

Sheena Hoffmann

Michael Hogan

Jessica Holloway

Sheldon Holzman

Matt Hooks

Eric Houtz

Jacqueline Howard

Albert Hu

Lisa Hua

Robert Hummel

William Hunckler

Jake and Marianne Ieuter

Kathleen and Charles Ieuter

Betty Jacobsen and John S Rohsenow

Kristina Jankauskaite

Julija Jelisejeva

Thomas Jones

Chetah Joshi

Nancy Juda and Jens Brasch

Michael Judd

George Kaiser

Arnold Kasemsarn

Maria and Billy Katris

Shayne Kavanagh

Joseph Kemerley

David Kerr

Yuriy Khomenko

Mike and Liz Kohler

Joseph Konrad

Alexis Kuhlmann

Carr Lanphier

Rita and Ricardo Lara

Steven and Jill Lauer

Allan LeSage

Charles Linhoff

Anthony Lotfi

Laura Lynch

Susan and Doug Lyons

Kate Macias

Ann Marie and Joe Arden

Stacy Marienthal

Michael and Rhoda Markovitz

Nicole Marroquin

Aberdeen Marsh-Ozga

Arona Martin

Jessica Maslovsky

Guy A. Mason

Bradford Matson

Paul Maurer

Leah Mayes

William McClain

Calli McDonald

Elise and David McGee

Diane Mcgrath

Lee McMurray

Bradley Mild

Janice Miller

Omari Miller

Carlos Minaya

Marvin Mirsky

Maureen Mizwicki

Anneliese Moffitt

Michael Monar

Patti Morrow

Katie Muenck

Krista Nannery

Katherine Napleton

Betsy Nathan and Daniel Goldberg

Greg and Amy Neal

Peter Neely

Tien Nguyen

Tracy Noel

Tim O'Bryan

Jessica Olsen

Maureen O'Rourke

Thania Panopoulos

Tim Paperny

Christine Peary

Eva Penar

Nathan Phillips

Maxine and Malcolm Poland

Sam Prescott

Frederic Putz

Thomas Quinn

Todd Ramquist

Athul Ravunniarath

Mark Renard

Izabella Reyfman

David Richardson

Erin Roberts

Lisa Roberts

Peggi Rohlfing

Catherine Rollings

Andrea Ropp

Lisa Rose and Mair Hill

Julia Rosenthal

Kenneth Rozanski

Annie Rudnick

Jacqueline Salamack

Julie Saliba

Mary Sandberg

Anna Sanders

Maggie Sather

Allison Schuette-Hoffman and Kevin Hoffman

Tammy Schultz

Laura Schumacher

Megan Schumacher

Rachel Scown

Carol Scuford

Karen Seward

Denis Shanahan

Emma Sharp

Alison Sher

Carolyn Sherwood

Karen Shinners

Ellen Shipitalo

Stephen and Susan Sickle

Jamie Simone

Radha Singh and Amit Parekh

Ryan Siska

Leslie Skaistis

Elliott Smith

Patricia and Arthur Smith

Helene Smith-Romer and Beth Iska

John Sofyanos

David Spieske

Lauren Stark

Eric Steigelman

Samantha Stevens

Tonya Stevenson

Amanda Stoerman

Richard Stoneham

John Stoner

Maha Sughayer

Emily Sutton

Gregg Tager and Jennifer Napoli

Deepak Tamasker

Jesen Tanadi

Paul Teruel

Samantha Thorgaard

Ruth Tobias

Dana Todd

Ann Torralba

Abraham Trieger and Cheryl Klehr

Robert Utke

Xiaqiong Wang

Susan Wasserman

Jacob Watson

Jason Weigel

Zachary Weiler

Brian and Rebecca Wells

Christopher Wheeler

Michelle Widdes

John Wilson and Paul Foster

Maria and Jeffrey Winter

Stephanie Wiseman

Matt Woodburn and Carmelita Tiu

Julie Wunderlin

Leon Zar

Teddy Zmrhal

Andrew Zobrist

Rhyan Zweifler

Ruth and Andrew Zweifler