Redmoon’s mission of transforming our urban landscape through art in public spaces is only possible because of generous donors like you. 

Through large-scale Spectacle events like Sink, Sank, Sunk., free public performance series's like Urban Interventions, and large-scale community Spectacle events like All Hallows Eve Ritual Celebration, Redmoon delivers free to low-cost programming throughout Chicago.

There many benefits to becoming a supporter of Redmoon's mission. For more information, please contact Development Director, Emily Reusswig, 312.850.8440 x100. 

With your donation, you make culture accessible, you build community, and you transform your city.


“Redmoon’s mission, community involvement, and imaginative performances for all Chicago- I need no other reasons.”  Jim Blair, Professor at Northeastern Illinois University

“Redmoon programs are a model for the way we believe that community should be impacted”   Willard Evans Jr., President, People’s Gas

“The joy, wonder and intellectual engagement of a Redmoon show is why I was initially drawn into the organization. The passion and humanity of the people at Redmoon and their commitment to bringing art to public realm have kept me involved over the long haul.”   Chip von Weise, President at von Weise Associates

“Here is the picture of us with Santiago, our housemate that we were thinking of including with our words. Having fulfilled his dream of being the lead in RM's 1999 production of Salao: The Worst kind of Unlucky he came to know us as a result of an adoption (auction) at a great RM gala benefit and has been a part of our life ever since.”  Chris and Sara Julsrud           Santiago2