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October 18 - 26

Skelebration 2014 is Redmoon's second annual Halloween event designed for families. They enter into a dream-like playground, where their imagination, creativity, and sense of adventure are celebrated and encouraged.

This year, families will be invited to:

• Engage with a wildly interactive haunted house, complete with delightfully devilish hosts

• Explore mausoleums that will transport them into new bizarre and ethereal environments

• Experience new Redmoon devices and games, from the Toilet-tron to Swat-a-Fly

Expect interactive experiences, surprising machines, live music, snacks, and art making.

This event not only fosters creativity and imaginative thinking, but also directly supports Redmoon's free outdoor civic work. The ticket sales from Skelebration contribute to bringing similar experiences to families who may not have the means or ability at attend one of our indoor events.

Ticket price: Adult - $20.00 ; Youth (18 and under) - $12.00 ; Children under 3 - FREE

Duration: Approximately 2 hours.

Boneshaker 2014

October 31

Boneshaker 2014 is Redmoon's 5th annual massive Halloween celebration. We will gather 1,000 guests in our 17,000 square foot Spectacle Hall to help celebrate a wild ritual experience with immersive installation and performance art, massive mechanical contraptions, and unexpected interactive experience.

This year, guests will:

• Explore a massive multi-roomed haunted house, filled with dangerous devilish characters

• Interact with wild skeleton performers serving decadent treats and drinks from wild engineered devices

• Visit an outdoor fire garden featuring one of our newest spectacle objects, the Drum Crane Tower

• Dance alongside Redmoon's enormous and exciting pyrotechnic devices

• And much more...

Expect all the beer and wine aplenty, interactive events, amazing large scale devices, 3 DJ's, food, and dessert galore.

This experience like no other has become a vital celebrate part of Chicago's social calendar. Our fans and supporters know it is not to be missed.

Boneshaker is a key component to Redmoon's core mission of bringing unique experiences to public spaces across the city. The money we raise at Boneshaker directly funds Redmoon's free outdoor performances that engage neighborhoods throughout Chicago.

Ticket Price: Adult - $100.00

Duration: Approximately 5 hours.


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