Notes from a Redmoon Intern

Notes from a Redmoon Intern

May 10, 2012

Kara Intern

The thing about working for Redmoon is this: Your day will not go as planned. Walk into this office and expect to do anything.

It was one of the things they told me during my interview that seemed especially important to remember, and not imagining the possibilities inferred in those words, I accepted my latest professional adventure.

As a Redmoon intern I support a team of highly creative, hard-working, generous people who are always at least five minutes late to their office meetings. They are brave in their experimental approach to their work, in the interest of discovering even better ways to do their jobs, and their epic war against time to finish an impossible load of responsibilities before an all-consuming deadline. Also, they eat a lot of Jimmy John’s.

That is how I have come to understand life at Redmoon Central. But in my first days as Marketing Intern, I didn’t understand these people or their office very well. I only understood that my internship was an opportunity to:

A) Fill up some blank space on my resume, or

B) look to the example that Redmoon staff sets and throw myself into work, putting my effort wherever it is most needed and thereby growing in ways I never expected to grow while proving valuable to the organization that gave me this opportunity.

As a firm believer in Option B, in the past few months I have done everything from experimenting with Box Office Management best practices, coordinating and managing a stellar group of volunteers, and attending a theatre intern networking event, to collecting a $10,000 donation, helping put the Fire Organ back together, and learning how to use the coffee machine (life skills! No one has learned them all). Not to mention all the marketing projects I’ve gotten my hands on here.

If I hadn’t pushed myself to produce work that went above and beyond what I already knew I was capable of, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the part of my internship where I danced the rest of the night away on the confetti-covered floor of The Hudson Club with Sara Haley, Emily Reusswig and Kendra Miller immediately following a grueling 11-hour workday, in which we had pulled off what was, from an administrative point of view, a spectacular beast. (I’m referring to Spectacle Lunatique 2012.)

So for future Redmoon interns, I have the following words of advice: Expect to do anything. Be ready to put your heart into your work, whether or not you believe it is important to your professional development, because I can say with certainty that if you take all aspects of your internship seriously, you will do well.

Expect to grow immensely. Get your hands dirty, and never stop asking for more.

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