Media testimonials of Redmoon’s work in the world: the events, people, and programming making a difference.


"The relocation of Redmoon [to Pilsen] will help the City attract and retain artists and creative professionals in Chicago and maximize the opportunity for residents and visitors to participate in the arts and culture - all of which are priorities of the Cultural Plan.” —Mayor Rahm Emanuel

"It is my hope that the Creative Industry District, where Redmoon serves as a performing arts anchor, will encourage people to contribute to the ward's economy. The creative arts district will continue to offer unique creative options as well as valuable partnering opportunities for the community at large."—Alderman Danny Solis, 25th Ward

“Redmoon Theater is why you say: ‘I’m glad I live in the city!’ –WTTW’s ‘Chicago Tonight’

“Urban bliss can come in many formallyms. But it would be difficult to imagine a more transcendent experience - or a more profound manifestation of the magic this city and its artists can conjure - than Redmoon Theater…” –Chicago Sun Times

“Easy to describe just isn't what Redmoon Theater is into. If this company ever came up with an event that could be summed up in a sentence, they'd scrap it and start over and make it more complicated. More spectacular. More of a scramble of the senses.” –Chicago Tribune

“To describe in words the physical appeal of the show… would be to diminish its delights.” –New York Times

“[Redmoon work] is defiantly hand-made and low-tech." –Wall Street Journal

“…another hyper-ambitious effort from the endlessly imaginative Redmoon crew, world famous for site-specific spectacle theater." –CS Magazine

“Those who say theater is a dying art have never seen a Redmoon show.” –Chicago Reader